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Outsourced Management

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What is an Outsourced Business Manager?

An outsourced business manager is a financial expert who acts as a “part-time CFO” for your company on a consulting basis. As your outsourced business manager, we are at your disposal to provide sound business advice and handle many of the tasks associated with running your company’s finances and operations.

How can hiring an Outsourced Business Manager help my business?

Hiring an Outsourced Business Manager provides entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies access to the top-notch expertise, knowledge, and experience expected from a senior-level financial executive – without the costly overhead, salary, and benefits package.

Our Minneapolis Outsourced Business Manager program is perfect for small and medium-sized companies that need expert financial advice, but do not need or want a full-time financial executive. Outsourced Business Management provides a cost-effective alternative, saving your company the overhead expenses of staffing an employee.  In addition, because our professionals work as a team, your company benefits from our diverse resource base.  Our experienced, high-level team brings visionary business thinking to your company, allowing for new levels of success and growth.

What is the Foreman & Airhart, LTD approach to Outsourced Business Management?

As your Outsourced Business Manager, we work hard to understand your business as well as we understand our own.  Using the information we gather about your business through in-depth analysis, we are able to help steer a course for your company’s continued growth and success.  We work with you to understand not just your numbers, but also your wants, needs, and goals, so that we are better positioned to help you succeed. As your Outsourced Business Manager, we will:

  • Evaluate financial and operational elements of your business

  • Develop your business’s financial systems to facilitate leadership’s decision-making

  • Ensure the effective management of your business’s financial operations

  • Serve as a member of your management team, attending strategic management meetings

  • Provide recommendations to your business’s leadership on major financial decisions and carry out the financial policy decisions made together with senior management

  • Provide access to the people you need to answer your questions; as if we were in the office next to yours

  • Build the finance capability of your business

  • Plan for the future success of your business

  • Serve as your liaison to other professionals you may work with including bankers, insurance agents, brokers, and lawyers – to ensure an integrated approach is used with each service provider, and to provide the communication link between each professional and your company