At Foreman & Airhart, LTD, we offer accounting and tax services to a variety of industries.

Experience best-in-class accounting for dental practices.

Dental Accounting Services

Minnesota CPA firm Foreman & Airhart, LTD truly understands dental practice accounting and financial management.
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Foreman & Airhart, LTD is a Minneapolis,Minnesota-based accounting firm that provides exceptional dental accounting, financial management, tax and business advising services to dentist offices and dental firms in Minnesota. Our clients use us as a business advisor for their dental practice. We truly understand dental accounting and financial management, as dental practices of all sizes rely upon our experience. We have the ability, technical knowledge, and experience to understand and meet the unique needs of those in the dental industry.

When our dental clients realize they need to look at their practice as a business, they turn to our accounting experts at  Foreman & Airhart, LTD Our guidance provides a new lens for evaluating and managing a dental practice within the framework of best business practices — all the while staying focused on patient care.  With our guidance,  dental practitioners begin to look at their practice as a business and we identify and correct issues to make the practice more profitable and more customer-focused.

If you run a dental practice in the Minneapolis area and need help answering the following questions, contact us.

  • Are there changes I can make in my operations to become more profitable?

  • What is the current market value of my practice?

  • How can my practice grow?  Is it better to add more locations?  Or more staff at my current location?

  • What could taking on a partner mean to my business — and our working environment?

  • Are there things I can do to make more money without working more hours?

  • Should I consider selling my practice?  How would I do that?

We work with dentists to discover the answers.  We listen to your goals and together, we find the best way to reach your goals.

Dental Industry – Specific CPA Services Offered

Dental practices face ever-changing financial management issues, from investing in new technologies to dealing with insurance reimbursement. It is crucial that you work with an advisor who understands the unique aspects of running a dental practice and can use this insight to assist you in improving your operations and profitability. Our CPA firm's service offerings reflect the unique needs and address the specific issues of the dental industry. We provide:

  • Tax preparation and planning

  • Bookkeeping

  • Financial statement preparation

  • Financial and estate planning

  • Retirement plan administration and planning

  • Practice valuation

  • Salary and benefit evaluation

  • Dental fee evaluation

  • New practice setup

  • Overhead rate analysis

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Insurance reimbursement review

  • Practice buy/sell

  • Outsourced business/practice management

  • Profit enhancement strategies

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